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Women's Health 

Women’s access to comprehensive and affordable medical insurance and health care are under attack by the repeal of the ACA and proposed reductions to Medicare, Medicaid and defunding of Planned Parenthood.


Planned Parenthood serves over 65% of the Medicaid patients in Michigan, providing family planning services and reproductive healthcare, including cancer screenings. The proposed defunding of Planned Parenthood means defunding a critical area of health care for these Medicaid patients. 


W2WTC believes that health care is a fundamental right and that the gaps in women’s healthcare need to be closed. We need progressive voices at all levels of government to ensure access to essential medical services including pregnancy, early cancer detection, maternity leave, mental health benefits, prescription drugs, and access to legal abortions.  


Call to Action:  Call and write your state and national elected officials and hold them accountable for their votes on healthcare, on funding of Planned Parenthood, on addressing the opioid crisis in Michigan. Monitor Rogan’s list for specific actions and pending legislation. 

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