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Women Running for Office

The US is on the cusp of women rising up and running for office. We have been quiet too long and the recent presidential election has more than awakened us. The election results mobilized us. We know we must be heard. But first we must be seen. The numbers of women’s political representation in the US are woeful. According to the Pew Research Center findings, our country’s political representation of women is 33rd on a list of 49 peer nations, and 83rd out of 137 on a larger group that includes lower income nations as well.

Women represent more than half of our nation’s population, more university graduates than men, and a diversity and perspective that are desperately needed in all our governmental units.  Woman2Woman is dedicated to increasing the number of progressive women in political office and can help provide the support local women will need during their campaigns.  

Call to Action: Consider running for public office and being appointed to a board or commission. Think of other progressive/liberal women and encourage them to run.  Support women candidates not only with your time but your money as well.

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