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Securing Woman2WomanTC's endorsement

The board of Woman2WomanTC offers its endorsement to progressive candidates who align with our positions on eight priority issues: climate change, civil rights, equal pay, gerrymandering, women's health, public education, women running for office, and gun reform. As a woman-focused group with a priority issue being women running for office, the board gives special consideration to women candidates.

All candidates seeking endorsement are encouraged to view the position statements on our issues in advance.

To seek the endorsement of the W2WTC board, candidates are asked to:

1. Contact a current W2W Board Member to find out if she is willing to bring forward your name for endorsement.

2. After reviewing the W2W position statements on each issue, please provide the board member with an email or written "Endorsement Request" document with your name, the office/position you are seeking, a phone number and email address, and a short written response to each of our eight issues. When responding to the issues, please spell out where you stand and what actions you will take on the issue if you gain your desired position/office. Lastly, please indicate whether you plan to achieve equity in gender representation and equal pay among your staff. If not, please explain. You are welcome to submit additional information about yourself or other issues important to you.

Your endorsement request will be brought forward and reviewed at the next W2W Board Meeting, and you may be invited to speak to the board. Candidates will be notified whether they have been endorsed or not.


If awarded, the endorsement will be shared with the full W2W group via regular communication channels and social media.

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