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Training Opportunities for Women Candidates


W2W's RunWomanRun Cohort

For prospective or current women candidates in northern Michigan

Monthly sessions October 2019-November 2020

Emerge Michigan / Emerge America

For Democratic women

Signature Program - 70 hours

Boot Camps

Step Forward webinars

Emily’s List

For Democratic pro-choice women

Various webinars

Run to Win Program

National Federation of Republican Women’s Campaign Management School

For Republican women (and men)


She Should Run

For all women (non-partisan, non-profit)

She Should Run Incubator, a free online program

Other events


Women’s Campaign School at Yale

For all women (non-partisan, non-profit)

Five day session for $1800 plus travel and housing


National Democratic Training Center

For Democratic women (and men)

Online 30 day free program + more

Victory Center

For LGBTQ-identifying women (and men)

4-day intensive trainings



For progressive Democratic women (and men)

Online toolbox:


National Women’s Political Caucus

For progressive pro-choice women



Bi-partisan training for women

In-person and online training


SMG Strategies

One-on-one training with Michigan consultant

Local Democratic and Republican parties often hold candidate trainings

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