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Woman2Woman believes that women need to be in the rooms where decisions are made. Women have knowledge, important perspectives, and leadership skills to contribute at city, township, county, state, and national levels. It should be commonplace -- not unusual -- for women to hold 50% of the seats on a board or commission.

RunWomanRun Cohort 2021-2022

Purpose of the Cohort

To offer a regular time and space for women candidates who are running for office to meet up as well as facilitate discourse on topics customized to the unique needs of women candidates. A key aspect of the cohort is to allow women to draw strength and input from other women running and to counteract the isolation many candidates feel. Emphasis on interaction, discussion, and engagement, not just presentation of information.


The cohort will be formed prior to the election year and run to election day.

The format and topics of the 2021-2022 Candidate Cohort are still being planned. Stay tuned!

Topics of the Previous Cohort

Turning your life into a personal and powerful candidate persona

Channeling your issues (and anger) into a platform

Tapping into women’s networks for money and volunteers

Presentation: Creating an effective look and persuasive public speaking

Sexist media coverage: Setting the tone and prepping a response plan

Building a women-powered team and maximizing the talents of those who offer to help

Social media strategy (including how to handle attacks)

Work-life balance for women candidates

Family issues for women candidates (spouse, kids, and others you care for)

Confidence check: Why you are the best person for the job

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