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Public Education 

Public education has always been the transmitter of culture, the equalizer, and the opportunity provider for our citizens. Recent appointments and the policy of the current administration, further jeopardizes scarce funding for public schools across the nation. 


Our children deserve rigorous educational and enrichment programming. Teachers deserve competitive compensation and the ability to be a part of the creation of curriculum. Parents deserve to know their children are safe within a school building, and that their child will receive an education regardless of socioeconomic status or special needs. 


We, as voters, and supporters of public schools, need to be vigilant about the trend toward creating vouchers, which would allow public monies to follow children to any school, public or private. And, we need to make sure that charter schools are properly evaluated and held to the same standards as traditional public schools. 


Call to Action: Write or call your legislators about Michigan issues. Also see Save Michigan's Public Schools at Locally, attend your school board meeting - better yet - run for your local school board.

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