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The drawing of congressional district boundaries to favor one political party over another (aka gerrymandering) disenfranchises voters.  According to an April 2017 article in Bridge Magazine, President Trump won Michigan by only 10,000 more votes than Democrat Hillary Clinton-- out of 4.8 million votes cast. And his fellow Republicans swept the state’s congressional districts, capturing nine of 14 seats statewide. 


In the 2014 race for state Senate in Michigan, Republicans barely beat Democrats in total votes but claimed 27 out of 38 seats. In 2016, Republicans beat Democrats by just 1 percent in total votes for Congress yet won nine out of 14 seats.  Gerrymandering gives a political edge to the party in power that draws these legislative districts. 


W2W supports the creation of a nonpartisan boundary commission in Michigan to set the standards for drawing state and congressional districts, to avoid advantaging one political party over another.  These standards could include such principles as contiguity, compactness, equal population, respect for communities of interest and neutrality with respect to any political party or candidate.  


Call to Action:  Voters Not Politicians will soon seek 316,000 valid signatures to get this proposed amendment on the ballot in November 2018. Please sign such a petition if you are approached. Or, you can canvass for signatures by volunteering. Go to the Voters Not Politicians to sign up.

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